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Achieving goals together

People. Responsibilities. Motivation.
Get to know more about us and how we work.


What we do

We create customized multichannel b2b solutions based on our core eCommerce process platform. This allows us to build on established industry based best-practices and still implement solutions highly targeted for the specific needs of you and your customers.

How we work

We are interested in what works for you and your customers. Whether you need to tie in SAP, Axapta or your own homegrown ERP solution, you can count on us to get you up and running quickly, efficiently and with a plan for the future.

Why we do, what we do

Every step in the value chain is an opportunity and a relationship that can be made more productive. We enjoy to dive deeper and help shape how business is done under the surface.

Where we come from

Sensational became an official company in 2000 and several team members have been working together even longer than that. As children of the first internet bubble we know that success does not only take enthusiasm and creativity, but also dedication, collaboration and a sense for business.