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Gain More Time To Help

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 80% of all internet users browse for health information on the web and 19% of Smartphone users have installed health related apps. Whether you only sell to professionals or engage a wider public, the importance of online channel for marketing and e-commerce activities can hardly be overestimated.

The affinity of health care to innovation and technology has made many healthcare companies early adopters of the internet. At the same time though, the sector comes with its very own challenges in terms of legal compliance, complexity of information and customer expectations.

Our work with broadline medical distributers and manufacturers alike has helped us incorporate answers to these challenges at a platform level such as our flexibility regarding the extent of information stored together with products or the ability to create multi-brand sites with specific legal information.

As a Swiss e-commerce solution provider we have also been confronted with the necessity to present content in several languages from day 1 and also sites that span several countries, currencies and legislations have been realized on top of our versatile platform.

Here are a couple of other points where we believe our ordering and customer relations platform can help you succeed in the healthcare market.

  • Allow customers to order directly from the shelf through mini or mobile scanners
  • Add transparency and customer satisfaction with customer self management, statistics and consolidated history tools
  • Increase orders by combining your online information system with an order system
  • High level of integration between marketing and sales channel
  • Use 3rd-party or build-in PIM systems to manage displayed information
  • Give your sales force access to product and customer information via tablets or smartphones

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