• Be An Efficient Part Of The Puzzle
Be An Efficient Part Of The Puzzle

Most businesses we talk to expect operating costs to increase in the coming years. Areas such as transportation, equipment and machinery, or energy are expected to see the biggest increases. Naturally, our clients are looking at improving operational efficiency, as well as adapting their pricing structures to keep their hard-fought margins and reflect the changes in their cost structure.

Instead of only focusing on internal cost reduction though we find that clients are increasingly looking for win-win situations by working with customers and suppliers to reduce cost on both sides. E-commerce has the potential for playing a central role in such cost reduction scenarios, since selling and buying processes obviously constitute one of biggest areas of interaction between companies. Especially, if their focus is the selling of products as it is the case in the industrial goods business.

One way the Sensational e-commerce platform supports the creation of such win-win situations is by enabling our clients’ customers to send orders on-site via mobile devices directly to our clients ERP systems. Errors are reduced and resources are freed up on both sides. Needless to say, that full transparency is maintained for all parties involved through auditing and statistics tools provided by the platform.

Here are a few other features, which we believe, will support you in succeeding in the industrial goods market.

  • Support of continuously growing inventories seamlessly
  • Parts and products can be bundled together for better user experience
  • Recommendations of product alternatives
  • Customer dependent product ranges, pricing and delivery conditions
  • SEO friendly links and page content
  • Let customers compile unlimited supply lists

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