• Standardize Your Buying Process
Standardize Your Buying Process

Increase Efficiency. Save Money. Stay Informed. The Sensational eProcurement Solution helps you with your continuous electronic procurement of supplies and consumables.

What We Offer

Ready for the Enterprise

Manage stock or product catalogs on an enterprise level. Whether you want to centralize the management of available vendors and products, analyze branch performance or access inventory information, we provide the tools to collect important business intelligence and enforce company wide practises.

Self-Managed Vendors

Let vendors manage their own catalogs and the day-to-day pricing information by connecting their electronic catalogs directly with Sensational eProcurement. 

Leverage your Optimized Business Processes

Supply management does not always equal supply management. Our solution adapts to the processes you have spent years to optimize. At the same time it allows you to revolutionize your workflows by introducing new productivity tools based on industry best-practices.

Reduce Mistakes

Errors like typos, last minute order additions or incompatible product orders are a constant source of unforeseeable cost. We therefore offer several tools that help you reduce errors even before an order is placed like for example barcode scanners, the inventory tracking or customized order lists.

End-to-end Reporting

E-procurement offers a fantastic opportunity to learn from your historical data. Review ordering policies on a regular basis, compare branch performance or evaluate historical price changes. Combine out-of-the-box data views with statistics specifically developed for your business needs.

Ease of Use

Sensational eProcurement provides a wealth of features, but not all users need the full function set. The solution flexibly adapts to the role of the user within your organisation in order to reduce complexity and increase ease of use.


Connects to Vendor ERPs

Our e-procurement platform integrates directly with your vendors' ERP systems. Not only to get catalog information or handle orders, but also to show your specific pricing, delivery information or statistics.

Private Cloud

We provide you with a secure hosted solution that scales both in the short but also in the long-term and offers full redundancy of all components.

Peaks and Performance

We protect you against peak loads from your vendors like for example catalog uploads and thus help you maintain smooth operations. At the same time we deliver the needed performance for a great end user experience.

Adapts to Your IT Landscape

No matter whether you have seperate reporting and accounting systems or you need to integrate new systems because of a new acquisition, our platform adapts perfectly to your IT landscape.

Ready for Tomorrow

We drive innovation with our customers and are constantly looking for new technologies that have the potential to improve the way you do business.

In-House Development

Our platform is being developed in-house, which means high flexibility for you as a customer, consistent further development and that we know what we are talking about.