Mepha is the best known manufacturer of generic drugs in Switzerland. Not only does Mepha produce innovative products, but is as a very service minded company very focused on providing in depth medical information to doctors, pharmacists and patients.

The focus on added value through services is also very present in Mepha's online ordering and information system, and one of the main reasons why Sensational was chosen as the provider of the underlying e-commerce platform. The Mobile Scanner gives doctors the possibility to order products directly from the shelves. By skipping the necessity to go through a desktop computer the order process has been made incredibly quick and easy for end customers.

In addition to the simplified ordering, professionals also get easy access to all relevant information for each drug. The maintenance of this information also takes place directly within the Sensational solution to insure legal compliance and ease of management.

Sales 2009
CHF 408 million
Product range
140 drugs

Order System